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Student Contract


  • I agree to be at every rehearsal and to be on time.
  • If I must miss a rehearsal, I will bring a written excuse, signed by my parents/guardians to Mrs. Philipak.
  • I will be respectful of the music, other club members, and the director at all times.
  • I understand that if absences, tardies (being late), or my behavior becomes a problem, I may be removed from recorder club.
  • If for any reason I need to drop out of recorder club, I must come and talk to Mrs. Philipak in person.


_______________________________________                  ______________________________

                (Student’s signature)                                                                          (Classroom teacher’s name)



Parent/Guardian Contract


  • I agree to bring my child to all rehearsals and performances on time.
  • I agree to notify Mrs. Philipak if my child is unable to attend a rehearsal or a performance.


_______________________________________                  ______________________________

                (Parent/guardian’s signature)                                                          (Please print child’s name)




Child Name _________________________________________________________


Parent Cell #1 _______________________________________________________


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EMERGENCY phone # for pick-up _______________________________________

(This is more for afternoon clubs….)