Teacher Suggested Websites

re are some websites that some of our teachers use with the TCE students and are a great resource for homework, reading and technology.

Google    https://www.google.com/

You can look to see what kinds of things your child has been doing in Technology Class by having your child sign in to their Google account from home.   You can visit your child’s Google Classroom through his/her Google Drive.

Username:  lastnamefirstname##@student.fz.k12.mo.us (##=the day of the month of your child’s birthday)

Password:  #####FZS (##### = lunch pin)

Scootpad   https://www.scootpad.com/signin      
Scootpad is a fantastic way for students to practice ELA and math skills at home!   Once your child takes an assessment, it does a good job at knowing what types of questions your child would benefit from.  It's fun, well-created, and free to sign up for!

Scholastic   http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/   
Useful for searching for books by reading level and interests.

SSNerdology    http://www.ssnerdology.com/ 
This is Mr. Swanson's classroom webpage. Here you can find homework assignments, things going on in class and other information that pertains to room 13.