What is expected


  • Tennis shoes MUST be worn to every class.  It is district policy that your children sit out if they do not have proper footwear.  Due to safety concerns, we need all shoelaces tied as well.  I know it is popular to tuck the laces in or tie them loose enough so that they can slip on or off, but this can be dangerous if they are running and a shoe slips off or if the shoe flies off while they are trying to kick a ball.  I recommend that students wear tennis shoes every day so that they are safe on the recess equipment as well, but it is not mandatory.


  • Any student that sits out of class 3 times in a quarter because they did not wear their tennis shoes will have their grade reduced by one grade.  For example, if their grade would be a 3 because of their skill level and they did not wear their shoes 3 times and had to sit out, their grade is now a 2.  We cannot grade them on skill or effort if they are sitting on the steps.

  • Parent notes that excuse a child can only be honored for 3 school days.  For any reason the child needs to be excluded from class for more than 3 school days we will need a doctor’s note.   A parent note or doctor note that excludes a child from class will also exclude them from recess as well.  

  • Jewelry for boys and girls is acceptable.  However, if it is a distraction in class or could be a possible safety issue I will ask that they leave those items in the classroom.

  • For girls with longer hair, please have them wear a ponytail or headband to keep the hair out of their face.  Also, if they are wearing skirts or dresses please wear shorts under them.  I love to do various locomotor skills and stretches and it is best to have shorts under the dresses or skirts for those activities.