CrossFit For Kids
Who: 4th and 5th
When: Scheduled Wednesday mornings
Sponsor: Mr. Salvo
Kids Cross-Fit Club is designed to promote active students at TCE. The club will be open to the first 15 students that turn in their form. Please look at the date on the permission slip. No forms will be collected until the bell on that day to ensure equal opportunity to join. Any students after the initial 15 will go on a waiting list.
The club will give students an opportunity to become a part of a team that promotes good choices and responsibility. The students will learn basic power lifting techniques throughout the course of the year. They will also work on workout design, exercises and activities not facilitated in the regular PE classes. Students that miss 3 or more classes (miss the club but not the school day) will forfeit their spot on the roster to allow for a student on the waiting list to participate in the club.