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Dear TCE 3rd- 5th Grade Families,

TCE Cheer Club is offered to grades 3-5 and will meet Thursdays before school.  We will meet at 7:30am. While participating in this club, students will be able to practice basic cheerleading fundamentals.  Our club will also perform in celebration assemblies and other various school activities.

If you are interested in signing up please fill out the bottom portion of this flyer and return to Mrs. Kleaver in room 37 by September 4th before school.  Due to the overwhelming interest in this club the number of students selected will be limited. Names will be drawn at random and students will be notified on Wednesday, September 5th, if they will be participating.  Please make sure to only sign up if you are available on Thursdays before school.


Mrs. Michelle Kleaver

Student Name:_________________________   Teacher:_________________

I __________________ give my child, ____________________ permission to participate in TCE Cheer Club.

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