How does Parent Drop Off and Pick up Work?

If you are planning on dropping off your student(s) in the AM or picking them up in the PM, please follow these guidelines. You will follow the outside loop in the front of the school. Pull your car as far up as you can (there will be a cone as a guide). Please do not stop to drop your child(ren) right in front of the door. Parents must stay in their cars and students must exit on the passenger side. There will be staff members there every day to help with these procedures. Please note that if there is an animal in the car, staff members will not open any car doors, due to safety reasons. We appreciate your understanding and help with this.

Parent Pickup in the afternoon will run pretty much the same way. Parents should pull all the way up to the cones and stay in their cars. Staff members will be outside assisting students to their cars. Students will only be allowed to enter the passenger side of the cars. On the first day of school, students who registered as Parent Pickups will receive two car name tags for you to display on your dash (passenger side) for staff members to see. If you did not receive the tags and would like some, please contact Becky in the office. We highly encourage parents to stay in their cars and not park and come in to pick up, unless absolutely necessary. This sometimes causes confusion and can slow down the entire dismissal process.

If your student(s) have ANY changes in transportation, please contact the office. We will follow whatever procedures you have indicated on your child’s registration unless we have received confirmation from a parent. Students must ride their assigned bus (and not a friend’s) unless you contact transportation and make arrangements. Transportation will then contact us with any changes they have approved.  Transportation Garage’s Phone Number:  636-240-3138

Students that are bus riders will be dismissed after Parent Pickups. We will be in the office until we receive word that every child on the bus has made it home! Please note that Kindergarten students must have an adult waiting for them at the bus stop or they will be brought back to school.

Students can be dropped off starting at 8:25 a.m. We can not have students dropped off earlier, as there is no supervision available before that time. Our school day is 8:40-3:40.

If there will be a delay in bus arrival or any other issue, either our building or the transportation department will send out a School Messenger , so if you see the school’s number check your messages! We are very excited to spend this year with you and your families!

~Jessica Trost and Kris Wiant