Technology Class
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Mrs. Boucher - Technology Instructor 

Great things are going on in your child's technology class!  Each class visits Mrs. Boucher in the tech lab once a week for 40 minutes.  Just since school started, our TCE kids have learned so much, including general computer skills, keyboarding skills, about digital citizenship, and how some of the Google Apps work!  In fact, we will soon deepen our learning with all the cool things Google Drive has to offer, and, even learn about coding!
Mrs. Boucher is currently working on writing grants in hopes to bring  virtual reality tools for our students.  You can find out more about virtual reality learning by visiting  Also, if anyone has a working Iphone 5 or newer that they would want to donate to our technology program, we can use those to help us bring virtual reality experiences to our TCE kids!   
Each of our FZ students have a Google Drive, which includes all the Google Apps plus a Gmail account.  As a district, we are always making sure we do our best to keep our precious assets safe, so, students can only send/receive emails with other accounts and domains such as,, and  Domains not on our accepted list are not accesible for inbound or outbound communication by students.