• Student Absences

    Regular school attendance is vital to the academic success of any child. It is also habit forming and builds a lifelong pattern. When your child is going to be absent, we ask that you contact the school office at 636-240-0093. You may leave a message if there is no answer. If your child is absent and we do not receive a call from you, we will call to verify their absence.

  • What do I do if my child will not be at school?

    If your believe child is too ill to attend class, please call the office and report them absent. Please let us know if it is a cough/cold, virus so forth and so on. When your child is going to be out for a planned event, please let the teacher know or call the office so that provisions for make-up work can be made. Elementary parents who call for make-up work before 12 p.m. (noon) may pick up that work anytime after 2:00. Parents who call for work after 12 p.m. (noon) may pick up work the next day. You may also have the work sent home with a sibling or a classmate that lives close.You will get a phone call verifying that your student is out if we have not received a notification of illness or planned absence.

    Regular and punctual attendance is vital to the learning process. While absence from
     school is unavoidable in cases of illness, parents, teachers and building principals should make every effort to keep the loss of instructional time to a minimum.

    The Board of Education has adopted a policy which outlines the steps a principal is to take in notifying parents of the number of school days which a child has been absent. The policy states that 15 absences will be considered excessive and 45 days may result in retention.