Who: 4th and 5th
When: Tues-am(all year) &Thurs-pm (only January - March)
Sponsor: Mrs. Philipak
Are you a fourth or fifth grader who loves to act and be dramatic?? If so, then Drama Club is the club for you. Drama Club allows students the opportunity to perform on stage, assist in performances behind the scenes and/or help with set and prop development. In Drama Club, we will also be doing many fun activities including: learning about drama/acting in general, having a stage make-up day, acting games, set, scenery and prop building, learning about sound and lights – and many other activities!! Drama club has a limited number of spots and if you are interested in joining, you must fill out a questionnaire. 30-35 students will be chosen to be in this exciting club! Scripts will be handed out in September and we will be discussing how to audition.
This club meets mostly on Tuesday mornings before school at
7:45 – 8:30 a.m and on Thursday afternoons 3:45– 4:45 p.m. in Room 28.
Right before our performance date, we will have some rehearsals on other days.
Our performance date is March 16th. There will be characters that have many lines and some that have just a few lines. There will also be parts for stage crew, make-up artists, costumes, set design, and sound crew.
There will be $5 in dues to join this club.
This money will all be used to pay the royalties on the play that we will perform.
Do not send the money at this time.