Homework Expectations


The Board of Education recognizes that homework can be a valuable learning tool when a student clearly understands the assignment and when that assignment is geared to the ability level and learning style of the individual student. All of the following information comes from Board Policy IKB, and Homework Time Guidelines IKB-R.

The purposes of homework are:

  • To support and strengthen curricular goals

  • To provide practice and application of skills

  • To check for understanding

  • To inform teacher practice

Teachers can fulfill these purposes by assigning three types of homework:

  • Practice Exercises - Opportunities to apply new knowledge or to reinforce newly acquired skills.

  • Preparatory Work - requires obtaining background information on a unit of study to be prepared for the following day’s class.

  • Extension Assignments - the pursuit of knowledge individually and imaginatively.

The following time guidelines are maximum nightly guidelines. Homework is not required on a nightly basis nor should teachers interpret the guidelines to mean that it is appropriate to skip one day and assign twice as much the following. Teachers should avoid assigning homework on weekends and holidays, except for long term projects and tests.

It is important for your child to have a specific time and quiet place to complete homework. Your support of this process will have a positive impact on the development of your child’s basic study habits.

Grade Recommended Maximum Amount of Time

K-1 5 to 10 Minutes

2-3 10 to 30 Minutes

4-5 30 to 50 Minutes