Tips for Parents

Twin Chimneys Elementary offers the opportunities that your child will need to succeed in life.  Make sure your child is in school all day, every day.

· Make it clear that education is important to you by showing interest in your child’s school work and activities (school website, bulletin, etc.)

· Know school policies on absences and keeping up school work (these can be found on the website or by emailing teachers)

· Keep an accurate calendar that shows school breaks.  Plan family vacations when school is in recess.

· Make sure that your child arrives at school on time.  Being late 10 minutes a day totals to 30 hours of lost instruction for the school year.

· Schedule appointments after school hours, or during off days, when possible.

· Call the school when your child is absent.  When possible, let the school know in advance that your child will be out.

· Sometimes serious family or medical issues can impact attendance.  It is important to communicate with school personnel and work together to overcome obstacles to attendance.