Volunteering and Visiting our Building

Volunteer Hands
School Volunteers
  • Fort Zumwalt School District policy requires that any person seeking to volunteer for the school must fill out an initial request form with the school office. You may also be asked to complete additional forms depending on the amount of time you will be volunteering or the type of volunteer activity. If you plan on volunteering at any time (special events, classroom parties, field trips, etc.), you must fill out a form in advance and return it to the office. It is our goal to protect the safety and well-being of all our students with this process.

    Additionally, at the elementary level, parents and grandparents wanting to attend a class party will need to present an I.D. and we will check a list to make sure the attendee has been pre-screened. All parents should contact the teacher in advance about their attendance, so the pre-screen process can be completed. If a parent or grandparent is not on our party list, they will have to wait to be screened in the office before being going to the classroom.

    School Visitors and Classroom Visits

    Parents/Guardians and patrons of the district are welcome to visit district schools and attend district events. However, all visitors during business hours, must sign or check in at the building office before proceeding anywhere in the building or on grounds.

    In addition, parents are welcome to visit the classrooms, but are required to make advance arrangements with the teacher or principal and check in at the office prior to going to the classroom. Due to the potential for disrupting the learning environment, the district discourages parents/guardians or others from using district classrooms as places for simply visiting students and may refuse these requests.

  • If you will be attending any school day functions with your student, please fill out and return the "School Volunteer Request form to the office before the day of the event. This includes, parties, assemblies, fundraiser events and volunteering in the classrooms. The second form is information regarding becoming an OASIS tutor.